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One Of The Best Ways To Add More Key Words To Your Website is With Blogs

You can use blogs as a tool to educate your clients about the latest news in your profession and the information about the products you offer. This provides your current clients with the latest information all the time and helps you attract new patrons. We can write blog entries for your business to help your business and your website.


One of the top reasons to blog regularly on your website is to boost SEO. Whether you are in a competitive market or not, having some help with your SEO is never a bad idea. Boosting your SEO means you will drive more traffic to your website and as a result, acquire more new patients. The more content you have and the more you update your website, the more Google preferences the website. Blogging can also help you be found under long-tail keywords.


When you regularly post about current events, sales and other information, it gives you more credibility because it shows you stay on top of the latest news, and care about keeping your clients updated. When you regularly provide advice for your clients’ concerns in laymen language, it shows you care about educating your clients.


Sharing links to your latest blogs on social media is a strategic way to always have something to post. Sometimes it can be hard to think of new things to post on your business social media pages. Having a regular blog makes this easy! This is also a terrific way to show your followers when new blogs have just gone up. Being active on social media is just as important as being active on your website.


If you decide to add your own blogs to your website as opposed to the blogs we add through content marketing at Everything Social Media, this is a way to showcase your personality and brand. You can add personalized blogs about stories about clients, or products, or even writing an opinion piece about products. You can also use your blog to make announcements about your business, news about any employees, or recent community service events you have attended. Having personalized blog posts in addition to educational posts improves your credibility and helps enhance your brand and personality.


You may gain a new client through your blog. This can happen when they Google a topic you have written about on your blog, like FAQs.  Your blog link can easily get clicked on, and after reading your content, the client may have liked what you wrote just enough to give you a call or come to the store.


If you are interested in starting a blog but aren’t sure where to start, consider our content marketing options at Everything Social Media We can help strategize blog posts that not only enhance your website by boosting SEO but provide more information for your clients.  Contact us today to learn more!


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