Ideas for Posts on Your Page

Page posts can include content that’s entertaining and informative for your audience, makes them think, or provides value to their lives in some way. If you’re just getting started with a Facebook Page for your business and aren’t sure what to post about, the following ideas may help you get started:


  • Reflect your current Call-to-Action button: If you have a Call-to-Action button set on your Page, write a new post that highlights it. For example, if your current CTA is Book Now, you would write a new post letting your audience know that there are still openings available for them to booked and that they can book directly by clicking your CTA. Learn how to add a Call-to-Action button to your Page.
  • Run a contest or giveaway: A possible way to encourage more likes, comments and shares is to announce a contest or giveaway that incentivizes people’s participation. At the end of the week, pick a winner from the group of people who shared your post and congratulate them in an entirely new post. Consider announcing a future contest or giveaway that your audience should stay tuned for.Visibility
  • Share fan testimonials: It can be exciting and uplifting when people say kind words about what you do. Share some in moderation so the rest of your audience can celebrate with you.
  • Announce news: If your business has an announcement, such as a sale or moving news, announce it on your Page to reach your customers easily.
  • Crowdsource feedback: One way to generate feedback on your products, services or business in general is to leverage feedback from your Page fans. The added benefit is you might choose to use this feedback to improve your business, generating more transparency and openness with your audience as you create brand trust.
  • Ask your audience to make a choice: A fun method to engage with your audience when you don’t necessarily have something business-specific to share is to ask your audience to make a choice, pick a favorite, or decide between two things. When you set up your fans with a friendly This or That question, you can spark an interest that invites them to respond. Learn more about how you can grow your Page audience.Post
  • Pose a question: A simple way to start a dialog with your audience is to ask them a pointed question, like how they’re feeling that day or what weekend plans they’re excited for. When your audience relates to the questions you ask and you leverage their interests and needs, they may feel more inclined to respond and generate threads on your posts.
  • Share industry news: Sharing news from your industry will communicate to your audience that you don’t just care about promoting your business, but that you also care about keeping your Page fans informed about current topics that are relevant to them.
  • Celebrate a holiday: Holidays, either nationally recognized or trending on social media, are opportunities for your Page to contribute to the celebration with a Page post of your own. Best Friends Day or Pet Day, for example, are all light-hearted openings to celebrate common interests among your audience. These celebrations may vary depending on where you’re located.

  • Boost your best posts: If you posted something to your Page that received a lot of comments, likes and shares, it’s likely because it was personal or meaningful to your audience. Try boosting that post to reach a wider audience and connect with potential customers that haven’t been to your Page yet. To see how your boosted post is performing, go to the Ad Center tab on your Page to view results. Learn more about Ad Center tab. Posts
  • Create or boost an event: Create Events on your Page to build community around your business and drive foot traffic into your establishment. You can also create events for sales, promotions, offers, new products or major announcements from your business.
  • Make a job post if you’re hiring: Post job opportunities on your Page for free. Potential applicants can see your job post on your Page in the Jobs bookmark or through Marketplace, and they can learn more about your business before applying so you get informed applicants.
  • Promote a group: Your Page can join groups as a Page member, and you can share that with your audience to get more engagement and to build a community around your industry.Posts
  • Reference your Page Stories: Page Stories are a free way let you share pictures and short video segments that bring your audience on a journey from start to finish for anything you might be working on or experiencing. This shares with your followers a meaningful look behind the scenes of your business. Talk about your new story in your post. Learn more about the benefits of using Page stories.
  • Share anecdotes: A personal and heartfelt anecdote or story can help you build emotional connections with your audience and build empathy for your organization, business or brand. Share the story of how your business began, struggles you had along the way, or try capturing and sharing stories from popular figures in your industry.

You can pin any post to the top of your page, such as major announcements, sales or upcoming events. Remember, pinned posts stay until they are replaced or removed.

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